Lessons from “Good enough” architecture

Definition of Architecture According to ISO : “Architecture is fundamental concepts or properties of a system in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships and in the principles of its design and evolution.” . Well, smell of academy, I don’t like it . The next explanation is make more senses : Architecture represents the significantContinue reading “Lessons from “Good enough” architecture”

Stop using java.util.Date

I used to leverage java.util.Date class to store and represent date time data but I suffered a lot from many problems due to java.util.Date’s limitations itself. In fact I am not alone. Many people suffer too. Here is an article about java.util.Date that I think it covers enough : https://codeblog.jonskeet.uk/2017/04/23/all-about-java-util-date/. Below is the summary, it’sContinue reading “Stop using java.util.Date”